• Luxury Outerwear meets Ethical Manufacturing.

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Luxury Outerwear meets Ethical Manufacturing.

The World's Most Sustainable Parka.

100% Carbon Neutral. (No, Really.)

The World's Most Sustainable Parka.

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No Goose, All Warmth.


"Is Great Auk Outfitters the Ethical Alternative to Canada Goose?"


"Whereas other parkas... use down taken from birds, Great Auk parkas use a double layer of insulation including the NASA-developed aerogel."


"The Down-Less Parka encourages you to explore the arctic while respecting it at the same time."

Remember The Great Auk.

100% Carbon Neutral. (No, Really.)

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Built to Pass on Down.

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No Goose, All Warmth.

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Warm down to -10F
100% Recycled Fabrics

How Do We Compare?

Inspired by Nature.

Nature: Water resistant feathers & thermally efficient down.
The Down-Less Parka: Water Resistant Shell & High Loft Aerogel

Traditional down jackets are simple - they pack feathers into baffles. The feathers move over time, and gaps in baffles create cold spots. We've taken the idea of down and feathers, and left the bird alone, creating our dual layer insulation system. The insulation layer closest to the body provides local heat encapsulation, acting as down replacement, while a second layer of higher loft insulation acts as feathers by spacing the protective shell away from the body. The result is a jacket with all-encompassing warmth that won't break down over time.

"We're challenging convention and crafting the most premium products in the world, with no hidden ecological costs."


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