Gemini Dress Shirt

The essential you can wear 16 hours a day, everyday.

We spent a year developing and testing a fabric that eliminated the baggy fit, poor performance, and complicated care associated with cotton dress shirts. The result is Gemini: a just-right blend of temperature-regulating fibers, stretch, and soft cotton.

Fit through Research

We take a research-based approach to fit, starting with a close look at anatomy and biomechanics and then utilizing technology like strain analysis to learn how clothing moves with the body.

Size Chart & Fit Details

Function through Technology

We actively seek and develop the most advanced fabrics and manufacturing techniques. From fiber blends to precision cutting, every last detail in our production process plays a critical role in optimizing our garments’ capabilities – and we build, test, and improve continuously.



  • • Gemini Dress Shirt
  • • 2-way stretch fabric
  • • Stretch-woven construction with lasercut buttonholes
  • • Soft cotton handfeel
  • • Thermolaminated collar construction
  • • 41% cotton, 35% PCM-infused polyester, 18% moisture-wicking polyester, 6% Spandex
  • • Made at Blue Wave in Fuzhou, China
  • • 7 oz (size Medium Slim)


Simple Wear and Care

We believe that clothing care should require the simplest, least resource-intensive process possible. For this reason, our products never require chemical dry cleaning, pressing, or ironing. From the time you put them on to when you take them off, they should look and feel 100% effortless.

Care Instructions


  • • Machine wash cold
  • • Tumble dry low
  • • Wear to remove wrinkles
  • • DO NOT dry clean
  • • DO NOT hot iron
  • • DO NOT press