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The Down-Less Parka

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   • Warmth rated to -10ºF / -23ºC
   • Waterproof 10k/10k Rating
   • Recycled Materials
   • Free Carbon Neutral Shipping

Inspired by Nature. Crafted Humanely.

Nature: Water resistant feathers & thermally efficient down.
The Down-Less Parka: Water Resistant Shell & High Loft Aerogel

Two Layers of Performance

The Great Auk and many other waterfowl use two layers of feathers to provide warmth and weather protection. A lofty layer of down next to the body provides warmth, while durable feather shell sheds water and shields from the wind. 

Biomimicry at its Finest

Inspired by the two layer system of down and feathers, the Down-less Parka uses high-efficiency Aerogel insulation near the body, with protective, recycled polyester insulation and a waterproof shell to create a weatherproof cocoon.


The Down-less Parka fits true to size and has a modern, tailored cut.

XS: 36" • S: 38" • M: 40" • L: 42" • XL: 45" • XXL: 48"

Fit Tip: Our model is 6'1", 195 lbs and wears a size Medium.

See our Size Chart


• 100% Recycled Nylon Shell •  Reclaimed Coffee Oil Polyurethane Waterproof Membrane • Primaloft Gold 55% Recycled Polyester /  45% Aerogel Polyester Insulation• 100% Eco2sy Recycled Polyester Insulation • 100% Coffee-Infused Recycled Polyester Lining


Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. It’s good for your jacket and good for the environment.

Machine washing can release microplastics into the environment. Please wash responsibly. 


Designed in New England, Crafted in Guangzhou China.

Our partners are BlueSign Certified mills and manufacturers for environmentally-friendly production practices. 

How Do We Compare?

How do we compare?

Arctic Expedition meets Olympic Grade Performance.

No Goose, All Warmth.

Ethical Luxury

Remember The Great Auk

In 1844 the last Great Auk was hunted out of existence. These flightless birds had once flourished on the craggy, rocky coasts of New England, Scandinavia, Canada, and the British Isles.

The Great Auk, while nimble in the sea, was clumsy on land. They made easy prey for fishermen and hunters. The birds were hunted for food, fishing bait, and their soft down. In spite of nearly 300 years of official protection, humans ultimately drove these birds to extinction.

We founded Great Auk Outfitters in New England with a single goal in mind:
To create the world’s best cruelty free, environmentally responsible, ethical apparel.

We proudly wear the Great Auk logo as a reminder of our birthplace and our vision. We’re committed to honoring the legacy of the Great Auk by creating the highest quality products built to endure the harsh habitat of the North Atlantic.